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October 23: Electric Maid, Washington, DC.

Pretty uneventful drive from Appomattox to DC. And thankfully, no one robbed us while we were in the city! So it was a good day. When we arrived at the venue we were surprised with the news that a 4th band had been added to the lineup, and that we had to be done by 10:00. That meant the show needed to start less than 15 minutes after we arrived and we each only had about a 1/2 hour to play, with hopefully very quick changeovers. A two-piece by the name of Yuck Finn started things out, then another two-piece from Australia. We went up third and did a very quick set with a very quick painting. The crowd was pretty tiny except for the other bands, but two girls did come out just to see us and were very enthusiastic during the show! They got the painting and we found out that they knew us from our shows with the Arts House at Franklin & Marshal! I love those Lancaster shows. Untitled-1The 4th and final band of the night was Vim & Vigor, a super fun 6-piece. After the show we packed up and headed to Baltimore, to spend the night with my brother Ben & his wife Tamika. I’d missed seeing my brother last time, so it was really great to get to stay up and hang out with the two of them for a while.

October 24: The Desultory Theater Club at Arts Desire in Torrington, CT – Last show of tour!

Tamika & my niece & nephew had to leave early in the morning for school, and since we had one of our longest drives on tour up to Connecticut (heading up toward Harrisburg to avoid Philly & NYC), we decided to leave Baltimore at the same time. Somewhere outside of York we found a diner to get breakfast and to just sit over tea for a little while. The day before I’d begun to notice some irritation in the back of my throat, and as we continued north it turned into a full-on cold, with soar throat, runny nose, and general overall weakness. So glad we only had one show left and then we’d be home!

We arrived in Torrington, CT with just enough time to take a short walk around downtown before meeting up with Keith at The Arts Desire, an artist community space for lessons and those wine & paint sessions. I was feeling terrible and avoided getting too close to friends while Eric loaded in. But ibuprofen, caffeine, and adrenalin kicked in halfway through our show and by the end I was feeling much better! Our friend Castle took this really awesome time lapse vine, where you can watch the entire show in about 5 seconds! You really should check it out.  https://vine.co/v/OhpbDFW5I2i

Also, our friend Kurt took this video of one of the songs during the show.

Eric & our friend Nikki have been online friends with a guy named Jim from England for years, and he was visiting the States and not only came to see the show, but also got the bid on the painting. We took it home with us and will be shipping it to him once it’s dry. Untftg'itled-1A great final show to our 24 day, 24 show Octour!

Then, we went home. So, so good to be home again, to sleep in our own bed, to be still. It was a spectacular tour. Some of our best shows, some of our craziest memories, and definitely the most eventful tour we’ve ever had! Also, and this is a milestone: This was our first tour ever where we did not sleep in the car once!

Thanks for all the support.