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Yesterday was Eric’s Birthday, and it was such a wonderful day!

To start out, he wanted to make me breakfast, continuing his theme of doing fun little gifts for me on his own Birthday (4 years ago he surprised me by proposing on his Birthday). Then the Cake Box set that I’d pre-ordered months ago arrived on our doorstep! It is so glorious. Then we headed off to New London and got ourselves both some new tattoos! Then we used a Birthday gift card from Eric’s parents to grab a gluten-free dinner (Eric’s going full gluten-free for all of November). Then we came home, where we discovered that Eric’s micro board game Pushee Pieces got fully funded on Kickstarter in less than 24 hours! (There’s still a bunch of stretch goals, so please go check it out and support it to help us reach some of those stretch goals! Plus, the game is super fun, so you might just want a copy!) Then I discovered that I’d made my very first sale on my Etsy site!! (If you haven’t already, please check out my shop. I added a couple new items today!) Then, a bunch of Eric’s friends showed up for a surprise party I planned to eat ice cream and play the new board game I got him!

We both agreed, it was a pretty wonderful Birthday. Untvyhjitled-1In unrelated news, tomorrow we head into the cold forests of Maine, for two Pocket Vinyl shows over the weekend:

Friday, November 7, we’ll be at the Local Sprouts Co-op in Portland, Maine.

Saturday, November 8, we’ll be back at the Rock & Art Shop, in Bangor, Maine.

See you tomorrow, Maine!