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Last weekend we were in Maine!

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but we love Maine. It has got to be the best State. I love how up north it is, I love the Maine culture, I love the cold and the woods. So great.

November 7: Local Sprouts, Portland, ME.

Somehow we missed the fact that this venue is a restaurant and that we’d be expected to be background music to the dinner crowd and not an actual “show”. It took some adjusting, but we pulled it off on their tiny stage. For the first hour Eric played only instrumental songs and I did a very detailed half of a painting. Then after an intermission we finished up the night with an “actual” show (with lyrics) and I completed the painting of a fisher fellow creating a nautical scene from his pipe smoke: Untitled-2After the show Local Sprouts fed us really well and gave us these amazing hot hard cider cocktails with spices and whiskey and rum. Delicious! We packed up as the venue closed and found a Walmart parking lot down the road to sleep in. Our first night in the car since… spring maybe? It was not easy, I think we forgot how to get a good night’s rest in the car. Oh well.

October 8: the Rock & Art Shop, Bangor, ME.

Before heading up to Bangor we took our time wandering around Freeport and Brunswick. Tim Horton’s of course. (Another BIG reason to love Maine!) The L.L. Bean store where we traded in Eric’s 0ºF sleeping bag for a new one (it’d been losing its warmth over years of use), got breakfast at a cute little cafe, went through all the vinyl at Bull Moose, and saw Birdman at Brunswick’s little indie theater (good weird movie, I recommend it, especially if you’re into theater: the entire film was shot to look like it was one continuous take). Also, once we got to Bangor, we saw great piles of snow for the first time this season! I love snow. Untitled-4Our show that night was our third time performing at the Rock & Art Shop. It’s such an amazing place; I love going through and checking out the hundreds of different beautiful stones, fossils, plants, handmade gifts. If you get the chance you need to stop in there. Plus, I just want to buy one of everything whenever we’re there!

The show was awesome. The venue was packed and Eric performed our first-ever actual encore! (I stepped aside and watched, since the painting was done.) I painted a giant man whose beard is a bear… Untitled-5After the show we signed the wall in the Rock & Art Shop’s basement, next to the first signature from the 1920s. The basement is almost as cool as the shop, filled with boxes of extra merchandise, including a flat of taxidermied ducklings…

Unfortunately because of our poor sleep in the car the night before and because we had to be in Boston by the next morning, we turned in early in Chris & Annette’s living room (the shop owners).

Up and out before 6:00 AM, we stopped to see if we could meet the Fresh Banana Man at the Kennebunk Southbound Service Plaza, but we always stop on Sunday mornings and I don’t think he works Sunday mornings. Oh well. His bananas were lined up nicely though. Then on to meet up with one of Eric’s old college friends for gluten-free pancakes near Boston!

Thanks for another awesome weekend, Maine!