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This past Friday night we hosted our first house show. But it wasn’t like normal house shows… Eric’s been working for the past bunch of months on a good-sized collection of new songs for our upcoming album. He wants to take a break from his piano-slam-rock and work on an entire album of quiet and contemplative songs. So he invited a whole bunch of people over to crowd into our living room, gave everyone a packet of the lyrics of all the new songs he’s been working on, and quietly went through every single one while we all jotted down our criticisms in the margins. The entire event was incredibly stressful for him, but I’m really proud that he’d want to work at improving his songwriting skills by putting himself out there like this. Plus, he got some really amazing feedback and will be working on fine-tuning this new album over the next few months. Also, not sure if you were aware, but he’s planning on not shaving until this new album comes out. (Also, I made dinosaur cookies for the event. Because why not?)Untitled-1On a completely unrelated note: I’m leaving on Tuesday, November 18 I fly up to Happy Valley-Goose Bay in Labrador, Canada to be a part of the Labrador Creative Arts Festival until the American Thanksgiving. I’ll be joining a whole bunch of other artists (mainly performing artists) in teaching workshops to kids in Labrador from a bunch of different schools. So. That should be interesting.