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Shows! We have a Pocket Vinyl show tomorrow, so I’ll talk about those first and save the LCAF for another post.

December 6: the Loft (house show), Westfield, MA

It was our first show in almost a month, but it didn’t feel like it. Especially since Eric had played that new album house show and I’d sort of played a show in Labrador (more on that later). The show was in the attic-type loft of a girl’s house (Mariah, who’d seen us a few times previously and owned a framed show painting that welcomed us when we entered the house!) For the small space, quite a few people squeezed in and the show started with singer/songwriter ANDYHASABANDWishbone Zoë, who’d set up the show, did a really awesome set second, with banjo and looping her voice and creating percussion with lots of make-shift instruments. Shew reminded both Eric & I a lot of Tune-Yards. We finished up the night with the final set. Our friend Chris came out to see us and got the painting (this is their 4th painting I think…?Untitled-5

(By the way, my 5+ year old camera just busted. We’re taking it to the camera doctor today to see if it can be saved, but that’s why these show photos don’t have our usual crisp imagery. Thank you Photoshop.)

December 7: Muchmore’s, Brooklyn, NY

(We missed Prince William & Kate and the Black-Lives-Matter protests by one day. I’d lie if I claimed I wasn’t disappointed.)

As I’d said before, we typically avoid NYC shows ($15 just in tolls to enter the city, plus chaotic traffic, plus a history of not the best shows), but this show was really fun! We got the show because of a handful of people who’d come out to see us during our last Brooklyn show, at the Way Station.

Muchmore’s was pretty friendly and I really liked the size of it; it was comfortable. We met up with our friend Scott who was visiting from Wisconsin, and his brother Tim. After the stand-up show was over (this bar has a lot going on) we got on stage for the first set. The little show space is separate from the bar, and had a good little crowd, even if most of it was the other bands. I painted a Yeti again, even though I said I was done with Yetis. I like Yetis.

(By the way, I have a set of 4 hand-pulled screen-printed Yeti & friends art pieces on my Etsy site right now from my past Yeti paintings. You should check them out and maybe buy some for a Christmas gift for your Yeti-loving friends.)


A group called Milk Dick did a set of short humorous songs, then Darling Din, who’d helped us get the show (Lisa’s voice is spectacular), then NoPop finished the night.

Now, upcoming shows this week!

We return to Two Boots in Bridgeport, CT after 4 1/2 years tomorrow night! Facebook event here.

Saturday, December 13: TWO New London shows!

4:00 PM (early afternoon show) at the Telegraph record store. We’re hoping to do a little video for an NPR spot, so it’d be awesome if a bunch of people were there. You know, to make it look neat. Also, a perfect excuse to pick up vinyl Christmas gifts! Facebook event here.

10:30 PM (late show) at the Oasis with The Friendly Ghost. Most likely our last show of the year. Facebook event here.

Hope to see you at these New London shows! Thanks for the support!