I’m scaling back, and won’t be updating here much anymore, for now.

If you’re interested in keeping in touch, you can follow my art here:


You can follow Pocket Vinyl here:


You can check out tour dates here:


And you can purchase art online here:



3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Elizabeth,

    Stumbled across your site and read about Sister Sweater Moonshine. We recently lost our cat Raven who was a little black kitten who looked after my daughters for 16 years. Raven’s tail was bushy but otherwise, she looked a lot like Sister Sweater Moonshine. Anyway, as is the nature of the internet, I then found myself listening to Pocket Vinyl at my desk this afternoon and REALLY REALLY liking the video for “Field Day.” Thanks. I really enjoyed it and I think I’ll go home and create some stuff tonight. Don’t know what it will be yet, but I’m officially inspired. Thanks again.

    • Dan, thank you so much for your note. It really touched my heart to feel the connection of losing a dear pet. And thank you for checking out our music and art as well. Being able to inspire people is why we do what we do.

  2. Scott Jihnsin said:

    Elizabeth abd Eric, Thanks so much fir the Valparaiso show. Mt son and I git alot out if it. It was dufferent and wonderful despite the small criwd. Very impressed with your talents Taje care and good luck with both of your artistic endeavirs. Scott Johnson

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